Cherry Festival

In Asia, cherry blossom is a joyous family event that Bonpoint is celebrating with an exclusive watercolour cherry print on tops, accessories and dresses.

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Amissa Set natural whitePrinted organic cotton ensemble

starting from £95.00

Felice Dress natural whitePrinted organic cotton fleece dress

starting from £140.00

Dom T-Shirt white milkPrinted organic cotton t-shirt

starting from £60.00

Amaia Dress natural whitePrinted organic fleece dress

starting from £180.00

Thida T-Shirt white milkOrganic cotton jersey t-shirt

starting from £70.00

Claudine Sweatshirt natural whitePrinted organic fleece sweatshirt

starting from £160.00

Cornelia Shorts natural whiteOversized Bermudas in organic fleece

starting from £105.00