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Bonpoint has always been inspired by a passion for cultivating beauty and quality, combined with meticulous attention to detail and finishes, even in its art of gifting.
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Baby Day-of-the-Week Onesies whiteSet of 7 onesies for Baby


Moisturizing face cream 50 ml


Baby Cashmere Sweater heathered grayCashmere hooded sweater for Baby

starting from £240.00

2 colors

Eau de senteur 100 ml


Days of the Week Bib Set


Milk White Nighttime Set


Pink Nighttime Set


Wrap Milk whiteCotton and wool blanket


3 colors

The Birth Event set


Nourishing body cream 150 ml


Cuddly Rabbit 30 cm


The Sleep Moment set


Cashmere Baby cardigan milk whiteCashmere cardigan for Baby

starting from £180.00

2 colors

Birth Trousseau Set