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The Bonpoint Fall/Winter 2023 collection is a tribute to the special times in a child's life. These seasonal snapshots capture shared moments in the schoolyard, the family home, and adventures in the city or the countryside immersed in nature, enhanced by looks imbued with evocative memories.

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Tyoto Sweater brownTwisted sweater rising collar in cashmere

starting from £360.00

Anumati Sweater heathered grayRebroded wool jacquard sweater

starting from £195.00 £136.00

Tuli Gilet pebbleEmbroidered cotton jacket and faux fur

starting from £325.00 £227.00

Bibi Vest chestnutSleeveless leather jacket

starting from £510.00

Blythe Headband navyCeremonial headband

£60.00 £42.00

Tamya Headband navySilk headband

£105.00 £73.00

Miniclic Hair Clips faded pinkBarrette

£30.00 £21.00

Miniclic Hair Clip goldCeremonial bar

£30.00 £21.00

Talitha Dress navyFlared dress in navy pancake

starting from £215.00 £129.00

Fantine Dress navyCherry printed crêpe dress

starting from £180.00 £108.00

Tamsin Smocked Dress heathered grayRebroded smocked dress

starting from £270.00 £162.00

Bluebell Dress navyLoose-fitting dress in organic cotton with exclusive Liberty print

starting from £325.00 £195.00

Tia Dress figExclusive Liberty printed organic cotton dress

starting from £215.00 £129.00

Donatelle Dress camelSmocked and embroidered cotton check dress

starting from £425.00 £255.00

Becky Dress medium grayCotton checkered dress

starting from £195.00 £117.00