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Spring Summer 2023 collection

The story begins in the afternoon.

A mother and a dog are enjoying precious moments of silence... The soft sun and the Mediterranean breeze caress the day like a familiar nursery rhyme. The setting is a family home, still peaceful before the noisy arrival of the children.
Brothers, sisters, and cousins think they have found the perfect hiding spot, and their parents pretend not to know where it is. But time is running out. They appear at the end of a pathway. Huddled together, they scale a little wall. For them, it's like a mountain. They climb through the window giggling excitedly. In loud unison they shout their demands: We want a treat!
The ice cream is gobbled up before there is barely time to respond: the container is left open, wrappers are strewn on the floor, and the frenetic adventure resumes.

It is a story of discovery that evokes forbidden games. A story of
promise, that of a big house in which we find both the imprint of the past and
the assurance of happy moments.

Spring is in the air

On the cusp of spring, a new silhouette emerges, like a budding flower.
Giving off a schoolgirl vibe, a cotton voile blouse featuring a broderie anglaise collar and a little cherry sweater vest come together in perfect harmony like a haiku poem. Bright colors resonate to bring smiles to their faces, while dresses in vintage Liberty fabrics put a spring back in their step.
A double-faced trench coat does double duty, and an iridescent parka shines bright.
Little boys feel emboldened in navy jackets and vibrant colors, in varsity jackets, and down vests that protect against everything, while plaid shirts rustle to the rhythm of frenetic races, and striped jerseys inspire games featuring sailors dressed for a spring festival.

A place in the sun

They race down paths with wild abandon in lightweight denim Calamity Jane overalls, their hair hurriedly tied back with raffia cherries: and that's perfectly okay. Their eyes are hidden behind sunglasses, which their mother, who is seated on a deckchair, actually got them to wear without any fuss. Everything around them inspires silliness: pine trees, wet sand, an umbrella. Streaks of ice cream color their cheeks and necks. But that's perfectly okay. Some cleverness, some mischief. That's the life of... This tribe basking in the sweetness of summer vacation.

So, are we ready to head into summer ?

It's the rustling of dresses made from liberty fabrics, colors that punctuate a luminous landscape, and cut wildflowers slipped into a leather bag. 
A flowing pristine white dress that escapes into nature, the sound of pink smock blouses fluttering in the summer breeze: let the dress twirling contest begin! Little boys in reinvented sailor tops raise their arms in unison to celebrate their complicity and officially reunite their merry summer band...
As they walk on the rocks in sandals or gladiator shoes, the anise-green color of a little pullover radiates against tanned skin.

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